[Samba] Tiger 10.4.4 Finder hangs browsing over VPN

Bill Burgess burgess at greeneridge.com
Fri Jan 20 02:54:59 GMT 2006

On Jan 19, 2006, at 4:43 PM, Geoffrey Scott wrote:

> ...Apple seems to take FOSS software, squirrel it away in their  
> lair, do what ever
> they want to it...

Turns out there is a forum at Lobotomo Software --


-- that discusses this issue in more detail.  A 3 September 2005  
entry from Jim Collis confirms Geoffrey's prescient remark:

> I have been told by the tech support folks at Equinux that this is  
> a know bug in Tiger 10.4.2 in how SMB handles packets over the  
> vpn.  Until apple fixes this problem there is no way around it.   
> They said the entire SMB stack was rewritten for Tiger and all the  
> issues with Microsoft networking aren't fixed.  They were hopeful,  
> but not encouraging, that this might be fixed in 10.4.3 or 10.4.4.   
> Not an exciting answer.

While there may be something Samba could do differently on the server  
end to solve this problem, it does look like Apple's fault, so Apple  
should fix it.  Maybe in OS X 10.8 "Mange"

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