[Samba] Tiger 10.4.4 Finder hangs browsing over VPN

Geoffrey Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Fri Jan 20 00:43:06 GMT 2006

Bill Burgess wrote:
> On Friday, 29 Jul 2005, Brian Daniels wrote under [Samba] Samba, VPN,
> and Mac OSX 10.4.2: 
>> After upgrading to Tiger, [our Mac OS X systems] still work fine when
>> on our LAN.  But if they try to connect to a [Samba 3.0.10-1] share
>> over the [IPsec] VPN, Finder hangs.  The Mac logs the following
>> messages in /var/log/system.log during the hang:

>From what I have seen from lurking on this list for a year or so is that you
are always best referring these types of issues to your Apple Rep.  Apple
seem to take FOSS software, squirrel it away in their lair, do what ever
they want to it and then ages later say to the team that maintains it;
"Here, look at what we've done to your code.  Aren't we clever! We've
basically forked your code! Yay!"  There doesn't seem to be any
communication between Apple dev teams and the original FOSS teams.

AFAIR, Apple have been promising machines (refurbed I believe) for months to
the Samba team.  They still haven't gotten them.  I haven't ever seen an
Apple rep on this list.......  

Oh, by the way I do like Macs.  I'm working on one now.......at home.

Just a view from the sidelines....

Cheers GS

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