[Samba] Tiger 10.4.4 Finder hangs browsing over VPN

Bill Burgess burgess at greeneridge.com
Thu Jan 19 22:18:03 GMT 2006

On Friday, 29 Jul 2005, Brian Daniels wrote under [Samba] Samba, VPN,  
and Mac OSX 10.4.2:

> After upgrading to Tiger, [our Mac OS X systems] still work fine  
> when on our LAN.  But if they try to connect to a [Samba 3.0.10-1]  
> share over the [IPsec] VPN, Finder hangs.  The Mac logs the  
> following messages in /var/log/system.log during the hang:
> Jul 29 09:59:46 brian-daniels-powerbook-g4-15 kernel[0]: bug: ecnt  
> = 32, but m_len = 0 and m_next = 0 (please report)
> It keeps logging these errors until Finder is forced to quit.  
> Interestingly, if the server connected to has only a few files  
> (<~30) in the root directory, then the hang does not occur.  But if  
> the user then tries to cd to a dir containing more files, the above  
> problem appears.
> Other actions over the VPN (ssh, VNC, etc) work without problems.

He continued:

> We have tried both IPSecuritas and VPN Tracker on the client  
> machines. Both have the same errors. A google on that error message  
> suggests that it is being generated in smbfs_smb.c in the Samba code.
> One thing I forgot to mention - the Mac clients can connect without  
> problems to a WinNT server, VPN or local. Dangit.

Keith Warno responded:

> Any other mac users out there? Please chime in. :)

What appears to be the same problem is happening to me.  Mac OS X  
10.4.4 on a PB 1.25 GHz, running IPSecuritas IPsec VPN through a NAT  
router to a ZyWall 5 IPsec firewall and thence to a SMB share (Samba  
3.0.21a) under RH9.

No trouble under OS X 10.3.9 Panther any time, or with Tiger when  
connected inside the corporate LAN, but when browsing SMB shares over  
IPsec Tiger's Finder hangs repeatedly with the same "ecnt = 32, but  
m_len = 0 and m_next = 0 (please report)" in /var/log/system.log on  
the Tiger system.

Like Brian, I have no trouble with other services through IPsec, such  
as telnet or ftp.  It's not clear that the number of files in the  
share's root directory is an issue, but certainly the more files in  
the folder being viewed the more likely the hang.

Tiger 10.4.4 uses mount_smbfs version 1.3.2 and smbclient version  


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