[Samba] Samba printing

Annonymous nomail at nodomain.org
Thu Jan 19 20:10:52 GMT 2006

I have a Red Hat 9 Linux box running Samba 
version:2.2.7a-8.9.0-security-rollup-fix and Hylafax acting as a fax 
server.  I print from my Windows XP machine to the Samba shared printer 
hoping the file name would be passed to Hylafax to use as the outbound 
phone number but Samba is submitting the job to Hylafax with a job name 

Hylafax can't process the job since there's no phone number.

I tried configuring the print line in SWAT with the command:

lpr -r -P%p `strings %s|grep %%Title:|gawk '{print "-T "$2 " -o 
phone="$2}'` %s

which actually had the phone number as the job name but Hylafax didn't 
process.  I then thought that since the -T might be confusing the 
location of the actual spooled job I'd try with the next line but that 
failed to be processed by hylafax also.

lpr -r -P%p `strings %s|grep %%Title:|gawk '{print %s " -o phone="$2}'` %s

Can someone tell me how to configure samba so the job name submitted can 
be interpreted by Hylafax as a phone number?

I'm hoping this posts to the samba mailing list since I'm new and don't 
want more spam than I'm already getting. 

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