[Samba] Mac OS X and Samba Shares

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Thu Jan 19 18:54:39 GMT 2006

> On Mac OS X Samba clients (10.3, 10.4) I have recently experienced the 
> following behaviour: users would not be able to write to assigned Samba 
> shares UNLESS tha Global parameter "Max Disk Size = xxxxxx" is set in 
> the Samba server's config file. I first discovered this issue while 
> setting up a Linux server using the 2.4 kernel and version 3.0 of Samba. 
> Without setting this, the Macs are not able to write to it since the 
> share shows that 0 space is left on the share. Setting the parameter 
> value to anything short of 1TB fixes the problem, but I cannot set it to 
> anything larger than a single TB as the same problem will return.
i head the same probs & fixed it the same way as you did it.
damn apple! there's some much work left for them regarding smb/cifs


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