[Samba] nmbd and port 135 / dce rpc WINS

Jamie Crawford crawford at cmsu1.cmsu.edu
Thu Jan 19 17:47:21 GMT 2006

These are already open.  I'm pretty sure that  NT4/2003 PDC's make a
DCE/RPC over TCP connection to pull down the <1b> entries from the wins
server.  I have done packet captures on test NT4 wins server to see how
PDC's pull their domain lists, and I see the port 135 three way
handshake, which then gets switched over to a tcp port 1028 which is the
dce/rpc requests and responses.  

I was wondering if this is actually possible with the current samba

Again any help is appreciated!!!

>>> Adam Nielsen <adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au> 1/18/2006 6:13 PM >>>
> I was wondering if the pdc's need to have port 135 open on the wins
> server to be able to upload and download its domain master browse
> list to the wins server.

According to "netstat -lnp | grep nmbd" ports 137 and 138 (udp) are
used for name queries, so I'd suggest opening them up too, for all
WINS/PDC servers to see if it makes a difference.


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