[Samba] Re: SUSE 10.0 and firewall

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Thu Jan 19 14:11:05 GMT 2006

no the log are in /var/log/firewall and/or in /var/log/messages

but a tcpdump -i eth0 will show you better results in realtime

Oygle schrieb:
> Thanks Ryan, I will read up on those documents you mentioned.
> Regarding NETBIOS, I can see the Linux assigned NETBIOS name appear on
> the XP computer, but try to open it, the password windows opens, and
> no amount of trying diff. passwords will work.
> I would like to examine the firewall logs at the time that an attempt
> is made to connect from XP. I assume the logs reside at
> /etc/sysconfig/SUSEfirewall2/
> Hmm, being a noob to Linux I'm not sure, maybe more like the /usr/
> path ?
> Thanks,
> Oygle

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