[Samba] enabling winbind with samba ldap

mallapadi niranjan niranjan.ashok at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 11:21:09 GMT 2006

Dear all

I have a system with samba PDC with LDAP, samba version being 3.0.21 and
openLDAP version 2.2.13
The samba PDC LDAP is configured for simple bind . while configuring
smb.conf , i have kept winbind set default domain = no
i have already configured samba pdc with ldap without winbind,

if we set winbind set default domain = yes.
will it effect my present users,

Actually i want to configure BDC and Domain Member servers, so in BDC, the
idmap should point to ldap://masterpdc, i want to enable winbind.
if i make winbind use default domain , will it make any difficerence, will
all the users information still be available .
The idmap in the below configuration is idmap uid "10000-20000" and idmap
gid "10000-20000" , but
when the user is created it is created with uid starting from 1000., 2000
please guide me


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