[Samba] OS X Finder - Zero KB Available, Write Problems, Uggh

Administrator 240vac at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 19 10:06:49 GMT 2006

Dear list-

On all of our Mac OS X (Samba) clients (10.3, 10.4) I have been experiencing the 
following problem: users would not be able to write to a published Samba 
shares UNLESS tha Global parameter "Max Disk Size = xxxxxx" is set
in the Samba server's config file. I first discovered this issue while 
setting up a Linux server (using the 2.4 kernel and version 3.0 of Samba) last year. 
Without setting this, the Macs are not able to write to it since the 
share advertises that 0 KB is left on the disk. Setting the parameter 
value to anything short of 1TB fixes the problem, but I cannot set it to 
anything larger than a single TB as the same problem will return.

Some tests I had ran months ago showed that with smbclient, I did not see these same problems...

Additionally, I recently brought a OS X Server machine on line for a 
client (using the default Apple settings) and things were going like 
gangbusters, for a while, then the same problem appeared on the OS X 
clients. I added the global parameter listed above and it "sort of" fixed 
the problem - users can write now but do not see correct disk size and 
space availability (because of the single TB parameter limitation).

Does anyone on this list have any thoughts about this?

Thank you in advance.

Jeff Yana

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