[Samba] Samba 3.0.14 - files visible, cannot double-click them from Windows clients

Stephen Bosch posting at vodacomm.ca
Thu Jan 19 02:53:39 GMT 2006

Adam Nielsen wrote:
>>The server is running as a virtual machine in Xen and connects to the
>>network over a bridged interface (I mention this because it may be
>>relevant to the problem).
> A lot of network browsing relies on broadcast packets, and there's a
> good chance these broadcasts aren't making it through to the nmbd
> process running on the server.  Use ethereal or some similar packet
> sniffer on the same machine as nmbd and verify that these broadcasts are
> reaching the server.  In many virtual machine cases you have to
> manually configure the broadcasts to be forwarded on to the virtual
> machine.
> I would've thought WINS would solve this, but then again if broadcasts
> aren't getting through then who knows what other traffic is being lost.

I thought WINS would do it too, but there was no joy. I don't know how
many times I hit F5.

Would these broadcast issues/browsing failures explain all of the
problems that I described?


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