[Samba] Samba 3.0.14 - files visible, cannot double-click them from Windows clients

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 19 02:48:21 GMT 2006

> The server is running as a virtual machine in Xen and connects to the
> network over a bridged interface (I mention this because it may be
> relevant to the problem).

A lot of network browsing relies on broadcast packets, and there's a
good chance these broadcasts aren't making it through to the nmbd
process running on the server.  Use ethereal or some similar packet
sniffer on the same machine as nmbd and verify that these broadcasts are
reaching the server.  In many virtual machine cases you have to
manually configure the broadcasts to be forwarded on to the virtual

I would've thought WINS would solve this, but then again if broadcasts
aren't getting through then who knows what other traffic is being lost.


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