[Samba] Re: Linux/AD authentication stops working after ~5 minutes

McGlorfin mcglorfin at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 00:39:13 GMT 2006

Adam Nielsen wrote:
>>         password server = vmdc1.domain.local
> AFAIK this option is only required for security = DOMAIN - if you're
> using security = ADS then when you join the domain Samba/winbind will
> find out which server to use for passwords. 

Thanks for the reply, Adam. I believe 'password server' is OK with 
'security = ADS' -- it just saves a lookup of the KDC in /etc/krb5.conf.

> I also think you will need
> Samba running to 'maintain' the connection to the domain - although if
> you can run "net ads testjoin" without smbd running then I guess it
> shouldn't matter.

Yeah, it doesn't. 'wbinfo -t' also succeeds without smbd.


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