[Samba] samba menber of AD domain and ACL support question

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 19 00:06:27 GMT 2006

> So the these ACEs show in the initial page of the security tab
> FARSCAPE\jerry	(Full Control)
> FARSCAPE\users  (Read&Exec)
> Everyone	(Read&Exec)

They do?  If this was appearing on my set up, on the initial page of
the security tab, all those three users wouldn't have "Full Control"
ticked, and they wouldn't even have "Read & Execute" ticked.  They'd
only have "Special Permissions" ticked (and everything else unticked)
and you'd have to click the 'Advanced' button before you could see that
they've got Full or Read&Exec access.


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