[Samba] ASN.1 encoding ended?

Cron, Charles CharlesCron at daytonsuperior.com
Wed Jan 18 17:04:49 GMT 2006

The difference is the working machines are in the datacenter, the
non-working machines are on 256k or 512k fractional T1's at remote sites.
Other than that, the machines are identical. 

I'll give the Fedora SRPM a go. 

Charles Cron

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Cron, Charles wrote:

> I realize that, its just that all is ok in the datacenter, 
> all is ok with the old domain, and so many other packages
> depend on the installed version of krb5, dont know how I would
> manage the upgrade without replacing all the servers in
> the field.

You can rebuild a newer krb5 rpm for RedHat 9.  Grab the Fedora
SRPM and rebuild.  I've done this before.

But back to the original issue, what is the difference
between the datacenter machines that work and those ones
that fail?  DNS domain perhaps?  Sorry, I don't remember all
the details from the original post.

cheers, jerry
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