[Samba] Single sign on with SambaPDC and web server

William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
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> The smbldap-tools contains smbpasswd which will change all 3 paswords.
> That is probably the best and easiest way to work with the passwords.

Your smbpasswd in the Samba code tree when built with LDAP support:


and having the smb.conf global:

ldap passwd sync = yes

Now this is useful if you are storing an encrypted password in the
userPassword attribute of the user's LDAP entry.

smbpasswd will change all three passwords for you and you can use
ldap_bind() in PHP to perform authentication checking.




> Philip Washington wrote:
> > We are using SambaPDC-LDAP and we have a Web Interface using PHP to our
> > database.  I have asked our developer to come up with a way to use the
> > password stored in LDAP so we would have the same login throughout our
> > site.  He told me that after a day of looking he couldn't figure out how
> > to translate the Username and Password into the SambaNTPassword or the
> > LM password on the LDAP server.  I was wondering if anyone here could
> > point me in the direction for howto's on this. I thought it was a fairly
> > simple md5 hash of the username and password but apparently not.
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
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