[Samba] deployment of software

Martin Miethe mmiethe at protourschile.com
Wed Jan 18 14:38:06 GMT 2006

I have Samba and about 40 WinXP Clientes running.
Now I´m trying to find a way to deploy software (for example
updates of E-Mail Client, Windows Patches) to my Clients.
I was playing around with AutoIt and some "switch-user-tools" for 
windows, which really works but also is kind of complicated and time 

In my environment, every user got his own Logonscript on the Linuxserver 
where I place the call for an installation (for ex Thunderbird update). 
If the installation on the client succeeded, I need a feedback signal 
from the user (e-mail, phone call...) that the script ran properly and I 
can remove the call in this script.
I could also use one Logonscript for all users and turn on machines by 
myself in the morning if a certain user is not in the office.
But all this does not seem to be the best way for me.
I´m really interested if there is another possibility to achieve this 
more efficiently without buying an expensive deployment software for 
Windows Server or something like that.
So far I did not have a closer look at unattended.sourceforge.net, maybe
someone has experience with that.
Thanks a lot

Martin Miethe

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