[Samba] ASN.1 encoding ended?

Cron, Charles CharlesCron at daytonsuperior.com
Wed Jan 18 14:15:12 GMT 2006

Hi all. Im having a bit of a problem. 

I have about 20 Samba servers all over the country on 256/512 WAN links.

We just upgraded our primary NT4 domain to mixed-mode Active Directory on
Windows 2003.

In addition to that we have a native-mode Active Directory domain on Windows
2003. We were planning on merging 
a couple of NT4 domains into 1 native mode Active Directory domain, but
plans have changed, and we just went with the 

When I try to join the Samba servers to the new upgraded AD mixed mode
domain (net ads join -U Administrator), 
machines on the WAN fail with the error:

ads_connect: ASN.1 encoding ended unexpectedly

One machine failed with the error:

Broken pipe.

I've only tested 3 machines so far, but I'm convinced it will happen
everywhere, they are identical boxes,
imaged with mkcdrec.

The thing is that these machines still join the old native-mode Active
Directory no problem. 

The other thing is that in the datacenter, all is well, and I can join the
new mixed-mode domain. 

I'm running Redhat 9, kernel 2.4.25 with the ext3 acl patch
Samba 3.0.14 compiled from source --with-ads --with-acl-support
--with-smbmount --with-smbclient

Here are the kerberos rpm's installed, we use yum and the fedora-legacy
project for updates.


The new mixed-mode domain was an NT4 box upgraded to Windows 2003, but the
Domain has since been migrated to a 
virgin Windows 2003 server with SP1. 

The old native mode domain was Windows 2003 SP1 from the get go.

I have not been able to find anyone having this problem in this lists
archvies or googling it, so I thought I would 
post to this list. I have a workaround, just join the machines to the old
native-mode domain, but that is going to 
go away soon, hopefully. 

Any ideas?


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