[SAMBA] Accessing shares

Joao Morgado Joao.Morgado at mail.pt
Wed Jan 18 13:43:43 GMT 2006

Hi there.

I'm running samba to share some linux directories, which are acessible 
by windows XP users...
All is working fine, but to windows users to access those samba shares, 
they have to Map Network Drive, then choose the share, and select 
"connect using a diferent user name", because windows login don't match 
samba share login...
Is there an easier way to do this? Something like double-clicking on the 
share they want to access to in windows explorer, then inserting user/pass?
It is not very user-friendly, for that users at least :)
Some users sometimes want to access their samba share from another computer...
Each computer has one user account, this is not shared as in a domain.


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