[Samba] Patching XP clients on Samba PDC

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Jan 18 09:31:37 GMT 2006

so you wanna have a internal windows update server?
This is called sus or now wus, the pack can be free downloaded at ms.
Normally you need iis on a win server running this.
But the sus pack can be modified and will installed and run on a 
win2000/xp workstation, giving the win clients a entry in .pol pointing 
to it.
Configure sus to look for downloads every day.
the sus server must stay alive most time , this would work with a vmware 
or bochs setup too.
This is the normal windows way for updates.
There are other more linux related project that will do equal,
like unattend, or wkpg in sourceforge.( which will deploy other software 
you can find some wget batch scripts at the german magazine ct, or in 
the wild that should do jobs like patching too. ( but they need to be 
modified every time a new update comes up )
There is a way that configure a squid proxy so that updates stay in the 
cache if one client machine has fetched it.
i would preffer using iis and sus on linux with wine, but i didnt find
any doku that says iis with wine is possible.....
in the near future xen should be able to setup a win machine on a linux 
host which i would prefer to vmware ( payware ).
At last the whole update procedure for windows is terrible in comparing 
it with linux stuff like you apt yum
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Does anyone have a good suggestion for patching XP clients on a Samba
PDC domain? I've tried using autoit and sysinternal's psexec to write
a script to do this but this doesn't work well because the computer
has to be active and our machines lock the machine if it's not active
in 15 minutes.

I hate having to log onto every machine every time another ms patch is
released. Any suggestions or thoughts on the matter would be
greatly appreciated.

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