[Samba] Single sign on with SambaPDC and web server

Philip Washington phwashington at comcast.net
Wed Jan 18 01:01:56 GMT 2006

We are using SambaPDC-LDAP and we have a Web Interface using PHP to our 
database.  I have asked our developer to come up with a way to use the 
password stored in LDAP so we would have the same login throughout our 
site.  He told me that after a day of looking he couldn't figure out how 
to translate the Username and Password into the SambaNTPassword or the 
LM password on the LDAP server.  I was wondering if anyone here could 
point me in the direction for howto's on this. 
I thought it was a fairly simple md5 hash of the username and password 
but apparently not.

Thanks in advance.

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