[Samba] Printing from Samba to Authenticated printer on W2K3 in ADS

Edmund C. Greene ed at bc.edu
Tue Jan 17 20:29:37 GMT 2006


    I have a pack of SunRay network computers in kiosk mode and I need 
to print to the Pharos printing system.  Not surprisingly, Pharos runs 
on Windows.  It is currently set up on Windows 2003 server.  To print to 
this system you have to authenticate to the Activate Directory the 
Pharos server is a member of.  I thought my best bet to pull this off 
was to use Samba.

    The SunRays are running Solaris 10 (sunray's are ultra thin clients 
and Solaris is actually running on the server).  I was able to get Samba 
to become a member of the domain which allows me to authenticate a user 
individually but the smbspool command doesn't seem to pay attention to 
the kerberos ticket.  I can't use a generic account as the user is being 
charged for printing so each user doing the printing has to be 
identified correctly.  Pharos actually supports lpd but then users can 
print anonymously defeating the purpose.

    I wanted to create the printer in cups using 
smb://server/printername and then authenticate to the domain before 
printing and logging out (kdestroy) the log afterwards but smbspool 
doesn't seem to pay attention to the logged in session.  Am I correct in 
this evaluation?  If I am is there some other way to print?  It seems 
like I'm so close to solving this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Edmund C. Greene
Systems Integrator
Boston College
ed at bc.edu

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