[Samba] users disappearing from winbind db

pfb4212 at rit.edu pfb4212 at rit.edu
Tue Jan 17 15:43:14 GMT 2006

Hello all.
   I have  a RHEL3 box with the stock 3.0.9-1.3E.2 build of Samba.
Winbind is setup and connected properly and has been running fine for over
a year.
But winbind no longer recognizes my userid.   My active directory account
was not deleted, moved, or edited at any point around the time of this

Tests - assuming user is jdoe and AD Domain is AD_DOM:
   wbinfo -a jdoe%password completes with success.
   wbinfo -n jdoe completes with success and reports
"S-1-5-21-1708537768-776561741-1177238915-1127 User (1)"
   wbinfo -s S-1-5-21-1708537768-776561741-1177238915-1127 completes with
success and reports "AD_DOM+JDoe 1"
   wbinfo -S S-1-5-21-1708537768-776561741-1177238915-1127 fails and
reports "Could not convert sid
S-1-5-21-1708537768-776561741-1177238915-1127 to uid"
   wbinfo -u|grep jdoe reports nothing and confirms my suspicions.

So I have lost the database entry for my userid to sid.  I attempted to
recreate the user using wbinfo -c jdoe, but while the command line reported
"Generated user with RID 3000" I am still not able to be seen as a valid
account on the system.  I am assuming that I would need to reenter my uid
-> sid mapping into the database.

- How can I go about this?  I know my old uid was 1001.
- Can I load a backup database from before this incident?  If so, will it
add AD users into the database again that have been added since the backup

Please help! -Thanks so much, Peter.

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