[Samba] Re: Slightly OT - Samba 3 and Windows DNS

paul kölle paul at subsignal.org
Tue Jan 17 14:11:32 GMT 2006

Rogers, Paul wrote:
> Mogens
> Thanks for the answer.  The problem that I have is with the Samba
> servers which have static IP's and so need some way of registering with
> the DNS server.  As I say the Windows servers seem to do it
> automatically but I need a method for the Linux servers to do it.
> I thought of maybe doing something with PUMP but hoped some one else may
> already have solved the problem.
Windows has extended TSIG to be used with kerberos. Windows clients use
TSIG-GSS to update their records. Andrew Tridgell has written a tool to
update MS DNS from a linux host. You can find the tool here:

Note: I've never used it myself.


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