[Samba] One SAMBA Server, two networks.

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Tue Jan 17 01:04:36 GMT 2006

At 01/16/06 08:12, Robert Adkins wrote:
>   Hello,
>    I am making some changes to our network to split the front 
> office and back office onto two seperate subnets, but need to keep 
> the same Samba server in place serving both subnets.
>    What I am intending to do is install an additional network card 
> into the server and address this new card for the new subnet. What 
> I am looking to do is properly broadcast the server's samba 
> status/availability across both networks and properly serve 
> files/domain controller data across both subnets.
>    To do this, I intend to duplicate all the entries in the lmhosts 
> file in /etc/samba with the only difference being the network that 
> the server is broadcasting on.
>    Will this work, or is this more complicated then I am currently seeing?
>    Regards,
>    Robert Adkins    IT Manager/Buyer
>    Impel Industries, inc.
>    586-254-5800

I've gotten most of this to work by using the example in Chapt 3 of 
the Samba-3 by Example book.  However, I'm stuck on being able to get 
access to only some of my shares--for the ones to which I can't 
connect, I get a BAD_NETWORK_NAME error.  If you get past this, 
please post your solution here.

Eric Hines

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