[Samba] ACL set up yet Security Properties not sticking.

James Kosin jkosin at intcomgrp.com
Mon Jan 16 19:31:16 GMT 2006

greg at fqdn.com wrote:
> Hi,
> On a windows client if I attempt to modify the permissions on a file which
> resides on a linux server,  when I hit "apply or ok" my changes are lost.
> Doing it from the unix cli (using setfacl) works as expected and the
> changes are not lost.
> Yet on windows if I right click - properties - Security.  select add,  add
> a user or group,  hit Apply and the user/group I just added is removed.
> ACL support is properly configured as far as I am aware on the linux file
> server.
> any one  with any idea as to what I should look at,  that would be great,
> thanks!
> It has been a bummer modifying all the permission change requests by hand.

What version of kernel are you using?

There is a patch to 2.4.x kernel tree here:

This could be the problem.

James Kosin

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