[Samba] change passwords

Andreas Fladischer andreas.fladischer at ecofinance.com
Mon Jan 16 11:49:40 GMT 2006

/Samba experts,/
/I am using Samba 3.0.21a with ldap //authentication.  I have ldap working so that users can authenticate in /
/their samba account via ldap.   However, I am trying to figure out the /
/best method for allowing users to change their ldap samba account //password./
/What is the best method to allow end users to change their LM/NT /
/passwords for Samba via LDAP?// Should I be using smbpasswd?  Or should I be using the smbldap-tools /
/and use smbldap-passwd.pl? Or is there another option?

i tried the phpldappasswd but i think it doesn't work with the LM/NT passwords!

thanks for your help in advance!



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