[Samba] strange authentication issue

David Bear David.Bear at asu.edu
Fri Jan 13 18:48:46 GMT 2006

I have a samba v3.0.x server that is a member of an nt 4 domain. I
have an nt 4 PDC that I have effectively joined the server to. 

Using smbclient from a linux box I can connect to the samba server
we'll call srvX using userid/pwd credentials from the domain and it
works great.

However, from a windows XP machine that is not a member of the domain,
I cannot make a connection to srvX using standard username/password OR
domain_name/username password.

I was not aware that the XP box had to be a domain member to be able
to access files for a domain member server.

Is there something else I'm missing?

smb.conf has

security = domain
workgroup = domain_name
password server = *

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