[Samba] compilation error in Tru64

Damien McGeoghegan Damien.McGeoghegan at ib-s.ie
Fri Jan 13 15:59:37 GMT 2006

I have downloaded the latest source code for samba on and I'm compiling it on TRU64 Unix
I have noticed on the web several similar issues, but I can't figure out what exactly I need to do. It seems it's a bug, but I'm not 100% sure 
I get the following error
Compiling nsswitch/wb_common.c
cc: Error: nsswitch/wb_common.c, line 238: In this declaration, "socklen_t" must specify a type. (badparsedecl)
                socklen_t errnosize;
cc: Error: nsswitch/wb_common.c, line 253: In this statement, "errnosize" is not declared. (undeclared)
                                        errnosize = sizeof(connect_errno);
*** Exit 1
Do you know how to get around this, or can you guide me to a location where I can get pre-complied binaries for TRU64. It seems they are unavailable at present on your website.

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