[Samba] windows print migrator + "add printer command"

Geoffrey Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Sat Jan 14 22:05:42 GMT 2006

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Martin Zielinski wrote
> I just tried out to add a port on two MS systems and it *looks* like it
> could work with SPOOLSS calls. Unfortunatly some of the packets are not
> decoded by Ethereal.
> Looks like this:
> --> EnumMonitors
> <-- Response: ... Standard TCP / IP Port
> --> OpenPrinterEx \\host\,XcvMonitor Standard TCP / IP Port
> <-- Response OK
> --> UNKNOWN (Opnum 88) You can read "AddPort ... IP_xxxxx ... public ...")
> --> ClosePrinterEx
> Or are these the registry calls you mentioned?

I'm having problems with this as well.  What I am seeing; and this is after
having successfully added a printer using the add printer command + the
example script you suggested; is that 1. I am asked for a username and
password.  2. The rights are then granted and then nothing happens.  It
complains that it can't stop and then start the spools service on the target
server (samba 3.21a Debain sarge)

i went back over the setup a number of times and removed spaces from the
share names and added socket://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9100 to the location section
of the printers before backing them up to a printers.cab.  I left spaces in
names elsewhere, (you can't have spaces in the share name due to the
expectations of CUPS).  The utility consistently fails to add the printers
to the target server. 

Hopefully this info is of some use otherwise I'll try to get an ethereal
trace and send it to you.

Cheers Geoff.

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