[Samba] Network and Reboot Problem

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Sat Jan 14 16:35:22 GMT 2006


I'm running a Samba server (SUSE 9.3 and Samba 3.0.22pre1) on a 
2-subnet LAN, with a Win2k PC on one subnet and an XP laptop on the 
other.  When I boot up the server and then the two windows devices at 
the start of a day, everything comes up just fine, the server appears 
in Network Neighborhood and in Explorer, and I have access to my 
shares normally.

However, my problem is this: if I have occasion to reboot either (or 
both) Windows devices after having successfully formed the LAN, I 
can't get back to my shares except through some convoluted 
machinations, and the server no longer appears in NN or in 
Explorer.  When I run START|RUN|\\lserver0\ehines, I get access to 
the ehines home share.  When I run, from a DOS command line, net view 
\\lserver0, I get a listing of all the shares to which I'm supposed 
to have access.  Net use \\lserver0\<share> returns a successful 
completion message.  I get this behavior on both devices, and whether 
I cold reboot or log off one user and log on another.

This acts like a Windows thing, rather than a general network problem 
(although I really have no hard data or knowledge with which to 
substantiate that).  Do any of you have any ideas about how to pursue 
and correct this?


Eric Hines

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