[Samba] OT: How to test if Workstation is (still) a member of the Domain

Malte Mueller malte.mueller at ewetel.net
Fri Jan 13 23:32:15 GMT 2006

this is not a samba-problem, but it might be that samba can help me. 
When I copy a workstation to several clients, for example using images 
or in my case vmware-vdisks, windows has to join the domain afterwards. 
This works for 99% of the time, using sysprep, but sometimes it fails. 
For that reason I would like to test if the this workstation is a domain 
member and call sysprep otherwise. I tried several visual-basic scripts 
but they do not allways work in that they give me false positive 
answers, so i would just like to know if anybody has any suggestion, 
maybe comparing the password hashes or so.

Thanks a lot,
Malte Mueller

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