[Samba] setting acls from win XP clients

Jesse Spangenberger jesse at oceanlodge.biz
Fri Jan 13 18:57:33 GMT 2006

Maybe. Has far as I know -- weither using Samba as PDC, using NT4 or ADS
domains, it happens.  So either it's a bug that will never, ever go away
cause of MS not fixing it.  

Besides, I was not talking about Samba, but more towards Windows and the way
windows work.  Again, somehow I doubt this is an actuall "bug" according to
windows.  Besides, how many other things does windows do backwards and
doesn't care about the rest of the world? 

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Jesse Spangenberger wrote:

> Actually, this is not a bug but a security measure I do believe.  
> Win2k and WinXP will not connect to the same server multiple time 
> using different user logon information (actually, sorta pointless if 
> you set up permissions right).  Thus, if John Doe is logged in and 
> Jane wants to reach personal information in her home drive, then A) 
> John Doe has to log out or B) disconnect all drives to the server with 
> the home shares on them, then map her drive.

No.  It's not security.  It's a bug.  The SMB protocol can fully multiplex
different sessions over the same CIFS session.
Look at Windows TSE.   The broken windows behavior does nothing
to enhance security.

cheers, jerry
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