[Samba] Samba 3 idmap_rid

Hugh Dixon hdixon at deltabravo.com
Fri Jan 13 13:33:59 GMT 2006

Not a direct answer to the email below but potentially relevant 
depending how Andrea decides to go about mapping users around the 
place (if at all)  *and might save someone else's hair from the 
tearing-out session I've had over the last couple of days...

I suggest to samba chiefs that the manpage for smb.conf and/or 
winbindd  mention (under idmap backend) that in order for the 
idmap_rid method to work you need an install with the idmap_rid 
module compiled (static or shared) - eg. use ./configure 
- a plain ./configure on the source code does NOT compile it but you 
only find out that it's "missing" by putting debug on winbindd up to 
a fairly high number (e.g. 3 isn't enough) - I might suggest that 
winbindd should complain rather more loudly if idmap backed is set to 
idmap_rid:WKGRP=.... and idmap_rid.so isn't available


At 13:51 13/01/2006 +0100, Andrea Lorenz wrote:
>we have integrated our samba service in a Windows active directory
>domain. Everything running fine.
>Now I want to understand the authentification process. What happens when
>a Windows client maps a network drive from the samba server?
>Does the Windwos client send its kerberos ticket to the samba server or
>does it send the username and password to the samba server and the samba
>server creates a kerberos ticket. Does it make any difference if the
>Windows client is part of the domain or if it is not part of the domain.
>Does anyone know a book, aritcle or website where I can find out more
>about this?
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