[Samba] problems upgrading from 3.0.20b to 3.0.21a

Franz Strebel franz.strebel at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 08:35:40 GMT 2006

I ran into some problems last night upgrading from 3.0.20b
to 3.0.21a.  I did my usual build from source, but when I
ran it, winbindd would die on me.

So I invoked it with -d10 -F and watched the progress on the
console.  It takes a while reading the winbindd_idmap.tdb
file and then eventually, it displays the message "Aborted"
and dies.  Any ideas?

As it was on a production server, I did a make revert to go
back to the previous version.  I ran into a small problem here
in that my VFS modules did not revert and connection to
the share was disallowed because it could not initialize
the recycle module.  This is something to be addressed
in later versions perhaps?



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