[Samba] setting acls from win XP clients

Ben lueyb at jilau1.Colorado.EDU
Fri Jan 13 03:39:13 GMT 2006

I have a samba server using ldap for authentication. All the client
machines are Win XP Pro machines. I am not using domain logons (although,
I tested them and samba is set up for them), but security=user. I have
acl's successfully working on the filesystem that samba is using. I want
to have users to be able to set the ACL permission of files / directories.
When a user tries to do this (from windows, right-click on a file, file
properties, security, add) XP asks them to log on to the workgroup to get
a list of valid users / groups / security principals. When I try to log in
(with valid or invalid username or password), I get an error stating that
"Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user,
using more than one user name, are not allowed" I get this error even when
I haven't yet logged onto an samba shares.

My googling has only found this error in regard to server logons, not user
lists. On a suggestion there, I tried adding "map to guest = Never",
without success. Any ideas what I have set up wrong? I'm using debian
sarge, so samba 3.0.14a. Nothing (that I know of) on samba or Win XP is
setup much different from the default settings (except ldap on samba)



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