[Samba] windows print migrator + "add printer command"

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jan 12 15:42:02 GMT 2006

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Geoffrey Scott wrote:
> Hi all.
>   I was wondering if anyone had a successful exampel of using the "add
> printer command" with cups so that the windows print migrator could be
> utilised.  Seeing as Jerry as spent time on this it would be a shame not to
> know how to use it.   ;-)  
> I'm guessing that it would be along the lines of:
> add printer command = lpadmin option1 option2 && cupsaddsmb option1

The main thing that I found when migrating printers is to
make sure that your add printer script can handles spaces
in names. There's also a little bit of a data model problem
in that Windows creates subkeys in the registry based on
printer name and Samba uses the share name.  The best solution
is a little prep work that renames the printer names to the
share name and then you can reset the printer name after

Drivers and printer settings migrate without any difficulty.

cheers, jerry
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