[Samba] Samba sharing ramdisk

Alessandro Siniscalchi asiniscalchi at eneotecnologia.com
Thu Jan 12 13:27:57 GMT 2006

Hi all,
i have a problem with samba server:

I created a ramdisk ( /dev/rd/1 ) with ext2 fs
I mounted it on a directory that after I shared by samba.
The problem is that when I mount it by smbfs on a machine it cannot set 
correctly the size of the device:

# df -a
/dev/rd/1                 7931       115      7407   2% /mnt/tmp
//localhost/prueba           0         0         0   -  

with /mnt/tmp shared with name prueba.

mount output:
/dev/rd/1 on /mnt/tmp type ext2 (rw)
//localhost/prueba on /home/alex/Desktop/mnt type smbfs (0)

How could let samba server work like usually works with real shared folder?

Thanks in advance,
Alessandro Siniscalchi

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