[Samba] "valid users" + ldap on Solaris 10 problems

Miki Monguilod mikim at salleURL.edu
Thu Jan 12 10:50:32 GMT 2006

Hi Gerald,

We have Solaris 10 completely updated up today.
About samba and libraries, we have compiled Samba againt OpenLdap 
libraries (usr/local/lib/libldap.*) and of course, nss_ldap is linked 
against Sun ldap's libraries /usr/lib/libldap.*) .
The big deal is why is Samba using Sun's ldap libraries instead of 
OpenLdap one's when is getting any group entry.
Otherwise thanks for your reply. Have anybody got more ideas?


Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

>Hash: SHA1
>Miki Monguilod wrote:
>>Yesterday we finally get the stack trace of Samba. Here you have:
>>Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>>0xfefd4f6c in _free_unlocked () from /lib//libc.so.1
>>(gdb) bt
>>#0  0xfefd4f6c in _free_unlocked () from /lib//libc.so.1
>>#1  0xfefd4f14 in free () from /lib//libc.so.1
>>#2  0xfed9fad0 in ldap_set_lderrno () from /usr/lib//libldap.so.5
>>#3  0xfedbc084 in ldap_create_virtuallist_control ()
>>  from /usr/lib//libldap.so.5
>>#4  0xfee0a8fc in setup_vlv_params () from /usr/lib//libsldap.so.1
>>#5  0xfee0b46c in search_state_machine () from /usr/lib//libsldap.so.1
>>#6  0xfee0c1fc in __ns_ldap_firstEntry () from /usr/lib//libsldap.so.1
>>#7  0xfee4ba3c in _nss_ldap_getent () from /usr/lib//nss_ldap.so.1
>>#8  0xfefdc0d8 in nss_getent_u () from /lib//libc.so.1
>>#9  0xfefdbc70 in nss_getent () from /lib//libc.so.1
>>#10 0xfefc7074 in getgrent_r () from /lib//libc.so.1
>>#11 0x002ef230 in get_users_in_group (gname=0x56bfa1 "referencial")
>>   at lib/util_getent.c:282
>>#12 0x002ed724 in user_in_unix_group_list (user=0xffbfc048 "csi",
>>   gname=0x56bfa1 "referencial") at lib/username.c:519
>>#13 0x002eda2c in user_in_group_list (user=0xffbfc048 "csi",
>>   gname=0x56bfa1 "referencial", groups=0x0, n_groups=<error type>)
>>   at lib/username.c:566
>>#14 0x002edd50 in user_in_list (user=0xffbfc048 "csi", list=0x508220,
>>   groups=0x0, n_groups=<error type>) at lib/username.c:607
>>#15 0x000675cc in user_ok (user=0xffbfc048 "csi", snum=128, groups=0x0,
>>   n_groups=<error type>) at smbd/password.c:397
>>---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
>>#16 0x00067d8c in authorise_login (snum=128, user=0xffbfdf10 "", password=
>>     {data = 0x510238 "Q» §E©wdª\232\215\222xB5\220\221\200ÂÒ¯·Âv",
>>length = <error type>, free = 0x3029b0 <free_data_blob>}, guest=0xffbfe0b0)
>>   at smbd/password.c:547
>>#17 0x001076a8 in make_connection_snum (snum=128, vuser=0x0, password=
>>     {data = 0x510238 "Q» §E©wdª\232\215\222xB5\220\221\200ÂÒ¯·Âv",
>>length = <error type>, free = 0x3029b0 <free_data_blob>},
>>pdev=0xffbfe258 "",
>Looks like an issue in the nss_ldap library from Sun.  Is
>your Solaris box fully patched?  Or perhaps has Samba linked against
>OpenLDAP client libs and nss_ldap is getting confused?
>cheers, jerry
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