[Samba] which hardware for sambaserver?

peter pilsl pilsl at goldfisch.at
Thu Jan 12 10:34:07 GMT 2006

I just going to plan a new sambaserver and ask myself which hardware is 
suitable for the server.

The server will act as PDC and hold 100GB of files for approx. 120 
clients in a standard office-environment (mostly office-files with some 
mp3 underneath .. ;)

I guess that CPU is not my mainconcern and I should go for a fast 
RAID-controller and much RAM.  Is 2GB much better than 1GB or would 4GB 
speed things up a lot?

I know that noone can give exact recommandations but maybe you can tell 
me about the bottlenecks in your systems and what your systems actually are.


mag. peter pilsl
IT- & dataconsulting
+43 650 3574035
pilsl at goldfisch.at

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