[Samba] 2TB Limit for Windows Shares?

andy liebman andyliebman at aol.com
Wed Jan 11 23:49:55 GMT 2006

Thanks for the input, please see below.

gasch at eva.mpg.de wrote:
> hi,
> i´m sorry, but i cannot ack to this report.
> we have for example one server with 3,12TB (each share shows this space, 
> no quotas set)and win xp (pro) clients are fine with this (btw: MAC OSX 
> had problems with shares >2TB -> smb.conf has a parameter for virtually 
> limiting the disk size)

My Windows XP clients show almost unlimited space as well. BUT, we have 
found we cannot actually put more than 2TB of data in the space.

So, Windows shows the space being available, but stops writing once 
there are 2TB there. Have you actually put MORE than 2 TBs of data into 
that space that says there are 3.12 TB?


> greez
> andy liebman wrote:
>> I have noticed recently that Windows XP seems to stop writing into 
>> Linux/Samba shares once there is 2 TB of data in the share. Windows 
>> Explorer is happy to report that a share has 4.8 or 8 or 10 TB of 
>> space available, but Windows seems to cease writing into the share 
>> once there are 2 TB in it.
>> Is this a known limitation of a) Windows or b) Samba or c) both? It 
>> certainly isn't a limitation of the filesystem I'm using.
>> Andy Liebman

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