[Samba] Account Unknown for users with Samba 3.0.11/14

James.Cort at u4eatech.com James.Cort at u4eatech.com
Wed Jan 11 12:20:03 GMT 2006

Quoting William Jojo <jojowil at hvcc.edu>:

> Well, since this system doesn't have local files can you use secldapclntd?
> This will solve your local user problem (which is what I was driving at
> :-) ) by pointing to LDAP and making the users appear local. There's also
> the possbility of WINBIND depending on how you want to approach the users.
> secldapclntd can be implemented in a few minutes.
> As long as your smb.conf points to the same containers, you should see that
> you're looking for.

I've spent far too long on this tearing my hair out.  Ultimately, I've 
done what I probably should have done in the first place - set up a 
Samba domain and got the offending server onto that.  Seems to work now 
(touch wood).

It'll give me a number of other benefits over and above solving the 
initial problem, and it was something I was planning on doing anyway.

Many thanks,

James Cort.

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