[Samba] Vista/longhorn and samba PDC

Mogens Kjaer mk at crc.dk
Wed Jan 11 08:02:58 GMT 2006

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 17:33 +0100, Mogens Kjaer wrote:
>>Has anyone succeeded in getting a Vista beta-2 to do domain
>>logon to a samba PDC?
> I strongly suspect there will be work to do there.  I need to test it
> out with Samba4 as well.
> Do you have any particular diagnostics?  You will need a current Samba
> (say 3.0.20 or later) for it to work at all.  (We fixed some basic login
> issues with vista 1)

It didn't work yesterday, today it does...

I have a test setup with a self-compiled 3.0.21a samba
acting as a PDC on a separate network.

I can get a w2k machine to join the domain, by running
the Network ID wizard.

When I did the same with the Vista machine, Windows just
told me that it couldn't find an Active Directory
Domain Controller.

As Samba can't be an AD DC, I feared that it wouldn't be

All I got in the logfile on the samba server was several
messages like:

[2006/01/10 16:36:36, 2] smbd/sesssetup.c:setup_new_vc_session(772)
   setup_new_vc_session: New VC == 0, if NT4.x compatible we would close 
all old resources.

This morning, however, the Wizard ran without problems.

I will reinstall Vista ß2 (1 hours work, 7.3 Gbytes gets installed)
and see if I can get it to join the domain again.


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