[Samba] How to write user profile

Muthukumaran Saravanan saravanan at ccatgroup.com
Wed Jan 11 02:08:02 GMT 2006

Dear Friends,

Iam using Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 ES as file server. So for just i had 1
SMB user connected to the server and shared the resourse. Now we have more
than 25 users for every one i have created saperate user ids in Server and
also i have set the group. Now how to set seperate share folders usign
SMB. I want saperate user login for ever one. For example user SAM logins
in windows XP client machine he should be connected to the server there he
shoud have f: and g: connected to the server.

F: is /home/netf/user/SAM folder
G: is /home/netg/group/accounts

Like this i have to do for all the users and groups we  have more than 7

Iam in urgent anyone can help me out how to write the user profile and
smb.conf for this requirments.

Thanks & regards,

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