[Samba] Users can't pause or cancel print jobs

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Jan 10 23:47:45 GMT 2006

> > I have looked everywhere.  I can find anything on permissions with
> > regards to Printing to a samba server.  From what I ve read
> > Googling around.  This appears to be a current problem.
> I have the same problem and would really like to here from anyone
> with a fix.

What happens if (through Windows) you run \\Samba, open "Printers and
Faxes" then view the properties of the affected printer.  On the
security tab, make sure "Manage Printers" and "Manage Documents" are
both ticked for all users in the list (especially "Everyone".)  Does
that make a difference?  You will probably need admin access to Samba
to be able to do this.


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