[Samba] Problems with recycler on samba 3.x

J. Strohschnitter samba-ml at rwz.de
Tue Jan 10 13:08:22 GMT 2006

Hi again,


I have problems with recycle objects on samba 3.x with SuSE SLES9SP2 server:

When I save a file (with wordpad or editor ...) to the network-share, a 0 byte-file will
automaticly be saved to the trash-folder. 
After removing the file from the network-share, the real file (>0 byte) will be stored 
to the trash. Thats ok. But now I created a file named the same filename than the deleted 
file, the new file was again created as 0-byte file to the trash. And the trashfile was 

So my questions are: 

1)How do I have to configure the recycle-object that no 0-Byte file was
automaticly created on the network-share ?
I have tried all possible parameters (touch and versions) to turn off or on, but no effect.

2)If 1 isn't possible, how can I prevent the creation of the 0-Bytefile over the existing
file, without using the version-parameter ?

With Office > 97SR2 it works fine, but with wordpad (on win9x and XP, too), Office97 and editor 
the problem as described appears on samba 3.x. With samba 2.2.8a on sles8 it works fine
with office97, wordpad and any other application.

Hope someone can help me.

Oh, I forgot the smb.conf - it looks like:

   vfs objects =  recycle
   recycle:repository = .Trash/%u
   recycle:keeptree = yes
   recycle:versions = no
   recycle:touch = yes


     Jens Strohschnitter

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