[Samba]3.0.20b Keep windows local sid when xcopy files to samba server

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jan 9 18:04:07 GMT 2006

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scot eckel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I came into a problem with the following situation.
> One Windows 2k3 server which joined into a AD, and when I 
> tried to copy some files the owner ship of which contails
> both domain user/group sid and local user/group sid
> information, to samba server, only domain sid
> information could be kept, and the windows local 
> user/group sid info was dropped. I verifyed this by using
> "xcopy /O /K". When I traced the samba log, it complained
> unknown sid, which was the local sid. And since I
> configured samba to lookup user and group by the order 
> of passwd and winbind, AD could not retrieve the non-domain
> sid info which is only available in the member client.This
> seems to be reasonable.
> However, I still wish there is some hacks that could help 
> to keep the local sid info when files are copied to samba
> server. Any clue is welcome.

We have a 'force unknown acl user' option.  But it is
currently impossible to keep an arbitrary SID that
has not been mapped to an uid/gid.

cheers, jerry
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