[Samba] how to setup file server

Muthukumaran Saravanan saravanan at ccatgroup.com
Mon Jan 9 08:32:24 GMT 2006

Dear All,

Iam using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 ES, i have installed sucessfully, in
have configured NFS & SMB service also, i have created 5 users in both
File server and smb user. Now how i can configure it with windows machine.
So that based on windows user login it should connect to smb user.

For example in windows machine a user name KAMAL is entering, for the same
user there is login under SMB and Linux NFS also so all the corsponding
profile to be taken and KAML home folder /home/usr/kamal should be maped
as f:\ for him, same way if KUMAR logged in /home/usr/kumar folder should
get mapeped as f:\.

They can login from any computer in the network.

Pls help me this is top urgent.
Converting Novell user to Linux so iam testing once i can do this in Linux
 i have to go for subscription.

Waiting for your feedbacks.


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