[Samba] Samba with ADS on Sun Solaris System

Adam D. Morley adam-samba at gmi.com
Mon Jan 9 01:27:29 GMT 2006

On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 05:28:13PM +0530, Venu Siddamshetty wrote:
> Hi,
> We are facing problems while configuring SAMBA ADS on Sun Solaris
> system. After installation and configuration we found that there is no
> ADS support on the version samba-3.0.21a-1-noads-sunos5.9-sparc.pkg.gz.
> Do you have any ADS support package for Sun Solaris 9. 

I would be surprised to see it, for a number of reasons:

- Solaris doesn't have MIT/Heimdal Kerberos.  It has SEAM, aka Sun
Kerberos.  I don't know if this matters, but ...
- Solaris doesn't have OpenLDAP.  It has Sun LDAP.  I don't know if this
matters, but ...

This may have changed in 10, but as of the last time I looked at 9, it
was still the Sun specialized versions (for good reasons, from what I've

Take a look at www.openpkg.org, as it will (as of CVS/upcoming 2.6)
build Samba (and MIT Kerberos/OpenLDAP/a bucket of other open source
tools) for many platforms including Solaris.  I currently use OpenPKG,
and find it quite handy.


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