[Samba] Norton IS preventing Samba workgroup from appearing in W2K browse

Bud Curtis bud.curtis at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 8 18:07:44 GMT 2006

I know this isn't a samba configuration issue, but I'm hoping someone might
have encountered this problem before and knows the solution.

I just installed a Buffalo LinkStation (Linux Samba NAS) on my network and
was atempting to set up a shared printer.  I have three systems. All are
W2K. One uses BlackICE, the others use Norton Internet Security 2004.

All of the systems, including the LinkStation samba, use the same workgroup.
When I network browse on the BlackICE system the LinkStation appears.  When
I browse on either system using NIS the LinkStation doesn't appear.

Both Norton systems have a trusted IP range that include the LinkStation and
I'm able to set up a share if I provide the access (\\lan-hd1\share) path.
However, I went into the Norton configuration and set the "windows 2000 SMB"
to enable the same range specifically.  This changed the browse so the
LinkStation appeared in the "Entire Network" list under my workgroup, but it
didn't appear in the "computers near me" list.  I then disabled everything
except the top level security with no change in behavior.

When I disabled the whole thing, turning off Norton "Security" the
linkstation appeared on both lists when browsing the network.  This let me
add the network printer setting through the "Add Printer" wizard.  After
turning Norton Security the network printer still works fine so it appears
to be a set up issue for now.  However, if I browse the LinkStation is no
longer visable.

Is there any way to inhibit what ever Norton Internet Security is blocking?
Any suggestions would be appreaciated.

Bud Curtis
Colorado Springs, CO

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