[Samba] Can HOST say HOST-AFS?

Noboru Matsuda Noboru.Matsuda at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Jan 8 07:27:56 GMT 2006


I'm having trouble connecting a Mac (10.4.3) to Windows XP.  I can't  
connect to the PC.

The problem apparently is that the PC returns "HOSTNAME-AFS" as its  
server name when it should be just "HOSTNAME"

Let's assume that the PC's FQDN is host.foo.bar.  When I issue  
"smbutil status host.foo.bar" on Mac, it says "Server: HOST-AFS"

I have another PC in my office, say, host2.foo.bat.  I can connect to  
this machine from Mac.  This machine returns "HOST2" as its server  
name when I use smbutil on Mac.

Now, is returning HOSTNAME-AFS really the cause of the trouble?  If  
so, any way to fix it?

Thanks in advance!!

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